A Note from the Director of Musicnote

Music is an integral part of worship. We have opportunities for adults and children to participate in music in our church. The adult vocal choir meets every Wednesday night at 7:00 to rehearse. We sing an anthem each Sunday, geared to the message of the day. At Christmas and Easter we prepare a cantata to tell the story of Christ’s birth and His last days on Earth. All singers are welcome. Only a desire to sing His praises is required!
The adult hand bell choir rehearses every Wednesday night at 6:00. The choir plays in the worship service approximately once a  month. It isn’t necessary to read music to play.
Children can participate in their handbell choir, which plays the first Sunday of each month. The color of each bell corresponds
to colors on calindards being held by the director, which allows even the youngest children to join in!  The children also perform in a Christmas program each year, with speaking and singing parts.
A recent addition to our music program is a praise band made up of youth and their leaders. We are excited to see where this leads us in our music ministry!
There is always room for more singers/players. Talk to anyone in any of our choirs or the band if you are interested.
Linda Stevens
Director of Music Ministries